1000+ Unique Lightroom Presets Bundle Free Download

1000+ Unique Lightroom Presets Bundle Free Download

Inkydeals 1000+ Unique Lightroom Presets Bundle – Free Download 

Complete Lightroom Presets Bundle: We teamed up with the guys at Contrastly to bring you the most amazing bundle of Lightroom Presets.

To get you started and make your photo editing look like a pro, we gathered the best 30 packs that you can find out there. The deal includes more than 1,000 Lightroom presets to turn your normal photos into extraordinary works of art. Work through 30 different themes, ranging from Split Tones to Grain Edits to Solar Spots.


  • Add amazing effects to your images with more than 1,100 Lightroom presets.
  • Choose from 30 different preset themes to give your images a professional look: Infrared Sims, Autumn & Harvest, Light Leaks & Flares, Grain Edits, Portrait Retouch, Long Exposure, Dramatic HDR, Noir & Blanc, Split Tones, Retro & Vintage, Solar Spots, Portrait Retouch, Desaturated Cinematic and more.
  • While using RAW images as a starting point is recommended, all of these presets work with both RAW and JPG images.
  • Simple to install, these presets are compatible with Lightroom 4, 5, 6 and CC.
  • Detailed quick guides can walk you through how to install any of these presets, should you need further help.
  • Presets are easy to follow as they’re named after the effects they can create, such as: “High Contrast High Shadow Low Clear” or “BW Highlights Light Shadow Contrast Low.”